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Peer review from my assignment to write a text wrap program in python class:

"Wow - when I ran this, I got all these words running across the screen. It was pretty cool and psychedelic."

Interesting how universities don't offer a student discount on classes

Some bumper sticker:

"When the power of love
becomes the love of power
Then there will be world peace"

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It is midday and the smoke is so thick that my landlord's solar power system is offline

We caught a spider using @rebecca's mask as a hammock

Today was @rebecca's and my original wedding date. We're commemorating it with some takeout Ramen and a carrot cake.

We're lucky to have each other, and our health, and these flowers from her parents

"People are actually using slack at my lab and it's stressful!"

-- @rebecca

Very disappointed that the S Main St. Taco Bell in Salinas remodeled. This place used to have some really cool stuff, like the booth that looked like the back of an old car, and that fortune telling Nickelodeon. This location isn't thinking outside the bun, looks more like the interior of a Chipotle.

Food is still amazing though.

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By unilateral decree, the next decade starts on the 0th year, not the 1st so all the obnoxious pedants are wrong now.

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